100% moneyback guarantee essay writing services

Essayhelpwriters. com is a leading essays service provider. We offer high quality writing services to students in different academic levels. Our services are exceptional because we have a team of highly educated professionals. Our goal is to deliver products and services that enable you to achieve your academic goals effortlessly. However, in the course of service delivery, we may experience technical hitches among other problems.

As a highly reputed custom writing company, we compensate our clients within the shortest possible. This is why we always appeal to our clients to read and understand our Money Back Guarantee policy. It helps to ensure smooth working relationships because; you will be informed of events that can necessitate a refund.


  • Refund
  • If you cancel an order to provide further instructions or alter existing instructions
  • You get a full refund for custom writing service
  • If you cancel an order before we assign it to a specialized writer
  • You are entitled to 100percent refund
  • If we assign the paper to the right writer and you withdraw the order in a period not more than half the date of the order
  • You are entitled to 100percent of the total refund. However, in case the writer has started writing the paper, you are only entitled to 80percent refund
  • If you withdraw an order within a duration that is not more than half the date of the order
  • You are entitled to full refund from our writing service
  • If you are charged twice in the event of technical hitches

You are entitled to 100 percent of total refund. However, you must provide evidence in form of receipts for both payments.

If you discover that you made double submission for a single project
You will be refunded but the figures depends on the amount of time elapsed. However, we do not offer a refund for an order that has been approved.

  • If you feel our service is not suitable for your specific assignment
  • You are entitled for a 100percent of total refund
  • If we do not find a suitable writer for your assignment
  • You are entitled to 100percent of total amount
  • If we fail to beat deadline

We will analyze the situation and revise charges for a new deadline. We also offer a full refund if the case calls for 100 percent compensation.

However, the paper has to be approved before the refund is effected

If you feel the work of a specific writer is not satisfactory

You are entitled to a full refund of the total amount. You may also request for revision. We will offer the service free of charge.

Important Note

We would also like to state Essayhelpwriters. com does not provide further details concerning an order that has been approved by a client.

There are also no extra charges for completed orders. Therefore, we advise our esteemed clients to scrutinize an order to avoid any problem.